My Number Three

Tonight my husband and I were updating our will. There on the paper it said to list all of our children and my heart broke. That third line was empty and I wanted so badly to fill it with Lucy Dair Weathersby. I love her so much. She is my daughter, my third child, but I had to leave it blank. I will never get to use her beautiful name, to include her on the list with her big brothers.


I know I will have reminders like this one for the rest of my life and there is a constant feeling of missing someone. Sometimes when we are leaving a playground or we all get in the car I get this sudden feeling of panic and I turn back like I left something and then I realize it’s her. Our Lucy Dair, their baby sissy, my only daughter. She leaves a gaping hole in our family and I am always aware of it. Please pray for me. I am hurting so much tonight. I am absolutely heartbroken and I miss my baby Lucy so much.


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