A Pin and a Blanket

These last few weeks I have been getting through the days weighted down with stifling depression and grief. Sometimes it lets up, but since I lost Jude it has laid heavy on me. This last week I let myself be honest with God and I said, “You say you will be close to the broken hearted, you say you are the God of all comfort. You say you will heal me and let me feel your presence. Where are you? Come and be my comfort, my peace, my healing. Show me that you are telling the truth.”

Every time I have prayed this kind of prayer (which has been quite often since losing my Lucy) God answers me, and He almost always answers me through other people. This past week a woman from my church told me about her 14 week loss many years ago. She gave me this sweet little pin and said it was for me to remember baby Jude.


She told me it was hers after she lost her son and she used to keep it in her pocket for comfort and now she was giving it to me. It was so sweet. I have several things to remember Lucy by, but very few things for Jude, so this was just perfect. I felt so comforted that she would share this with me and let me share in her loss too. I also felt God’s love through her.

The next day a little girl from my church emailed me and asked if it would be ok if she and her friend made Lucy a blanket. I cried when I read it because I have been thinking lately how sad it is that I didn’t even get Lucy a pretty, girly blanket. I could have wrapped her in it and it would have been so special. It also meant so much to me that these little girls even remembered Lucy. Most people have moved on and rarely think about her, and I think about her every minute and cry for her every day. What a sweet expression of love for these girls to remember Lucy and to remember me. I cried again when Savannah and Briley brought over the pretty blanket they made for Lucy. I loved it. It even had her name on it. These little girls probably just wanted to do something nice for someone, and they probably have no idea how God used their kindness to encourage me this week. After they brought me the blanket I felt like God was saying, “See? I love you and you are important to me.” This blanket is now one of my most prized possessions. I will love it until the day I die. I can picture myself as an old, wrinkled lady holding this Lucy blanket and still feeling the comfort from it, still feeling the love of the body of Christ that it represents, even decades from now.


Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can mean the world to someone else. If you are a woman who has suffered a pregnancy loss and you know someone who has just lost a baby themselves, be brave and share your story with them. I have found the most comfort from women who have lost babies themselves and I always think, “What if she hadn’t said anything?” Thank you Savannah and Briley for listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and for making such a beautiful blanket for my Lucy. And thank you to every single woman who has ever been brave enough to tell me about the baby you have lost. You have comforted me and encouraged me so much and you inspire me to tell more people about my Lucy and Jude.


5 thoughts on “A Pin and a Blanket

  1. Isn’t it sweet when someone says or does something just when you needed it the most? I have found these sweet gestures often come from the most unexpected people. I have an eleven year old sister who has continued to surprise me by her little emails, notes, and hand made gifts. She seems to remember long after so many other people have forgotten. Thanks for writing your stories…

  2. How beautiful. I love the blanket with Lucy’s name! What a special treasure. You are the one encouraging me like you are writing about. I’m glad God reminded you that He is there and He loves you. I know that you are helping so many people through their loss.

  3. This is so beautiful. I love the blanket the girls made for you. I remember how humbling it felt to receive micro-preemie clothes for Aubrey when I was in labor. The women who make clothes for tiny angels are such a blessing, and I’m sure they make such things with heavy hearts. There are shops on Etsy that have customized baby blankets. We had one made for Aubrey Rose and I’ll cherish it always. Maybe you would like to have one made for Jude?

    Praying for you, always.

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