Seven Years With My Man

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Today I celebrate seven years of marriage to my best friend. I prayed so many prayers asking God to give me the perfect man for me. I always knew he was out there. In college, when I was with a big group of people I would always think, “I wonder if he’s in this room with me right now.” There were so many days that I woke up and thought, “Today could be the day that I meet him for the first time.” God answered my prayers and gave me a man even better than I hoped for. Even after seven years, I’m still waiting for marriage to get hard, like everyone told me it would be. It’s easy with Josh.

He’s the best father I could have dreamed up for my children. His patience is endless. When Liam was a baby he had colic and would scream for several hours every evening. I mean screaming for hours WITHOUT STOPPING. I could only take it for about 30 minutes to an hour before I felt like I was going crazy. Josh would hold Liam on his shoulder, patting him, walking around with him, loving him unconditionally with endless patience. I was amazed (Isn’t the mom supposed to be the patient one with the screaming baby?) I’m still amazed by him. The other night it was time for bed and Josh and I were both exhausted. Liam completely refused to brush his teeth after we asked him several times. I was irritated and started thinking about what his consequence should be if he kept disobeying. As I was thinking up a punishment for Liam, I heard Josh in the next room, “Oh hello sir! Welcome to my tooth-polishing service. Come have a seat.” Liam immediately plays along and sits and lets Josh “polish” his teeth with his toothbrush. Such a sweet Daddy.


It’s interesting to me that God heard my prayers for the perfect man for me. He chose Josh for me, knowing that Josh had kell positive blood, knowing that I had kell negative blood, knowing that our blood combination would kill our babies. God knew, but He chose that for us, and I trust Him. If someone had told me before I married Josh that it would mean 50% of our babies could die in my womb, would I have married him seven years ago today? Of course. He is the only man for me and he’s the only man I want to do life with. I’m so thankful God gave me Josh. I’m so thankful that I get to raise two children here on earth with him and look forward to meeting our three babies in heaven together. I’m thankful I have him to walk with me through this valley of the shadow of death that we’re in. He is such an endless source of comfort and love for me.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Years With My Man

  1. This is beautiful. It made me cry, which was embarrassing as I’m reading it on lunch at work and the occupational therapist walked in! I’m so glad that you have such a good husband. I knew he must be wonderful to have snagged you, but what good qualities you illustrated that he has. I LOVE the toothbrushing story. I often go for the consequence first too (at school), so I can appreciate how hard it is to be silly and playful when a kid is giving you a really difficult time. That is a rare gift:)

  2. And just like all that anticipation and waiting for the right man that has been fulfilled with something better than you could have imagined, so it will be with your future child. Pools of blessing in the desert.

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