February 7th

On this day five years ago my lifelong dream of becoming a mother came true when I met my Liam Joshua for the first time. That was one of the happiest days of my life. On this day one year ago I was told that my baby girl was dying and there was nothing we could do. How strange that this day represents the day that my dreams came true and the day that my worst nightmare came true too. Last year on this day I wasn’t getting decorations ready for my four year old’s birthday party, I was googling stillbirth to prepare for the death of my daughter.

Life is beautiful and tragic.

Happy 5th birthday to my biggest boy. You are the sweetness that God put in my life to balance out the tragedy. You brighten my days with your amazing brain, your sensitive heart and your fearless stunts. I appreciate the gift that you are, now more than ever before. You make me so happy and proud. I still can’t believe I get to be your mother.

liam14 IMG_8275




7 thoughts on “February 7th

  1. Happy birthday to our very wonderful five year old. Last week I said, “Liam, I love you.” He said, “How much?” His brain is always working. He is creative and unpredictable and a ball of motion and joy. We are so very thankful for him.

  2. He is so beautiful! I love these pictures so much. I want a kid with beautiful blond curls like his.
    It is odd that God chose to place those 2 very opposite events on the same date. I’m glad there can be some celebration in with the heartbreak of that date. I think as life goes on, the celebration part will increase.

  3. Happy Birthday to Liam! I count it a privilege to have gotten to have him in my preschool class last year..and also to have gotten to meet you, Bethany.
    Oddly enough today is also the anniversary of my nephews passing. I know that you must know just how my sister-in-law is feeling on this day.
    I do pray that in the future this day becomes more of a celebration for you than remembrance of tragedy.
    Much love!

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