This is so exciting…the post I’ve been waiting to write for so many months now.

We are expecting a baby in October!

No, we are not pregnant, but we are still expecting our third earth baby to arrive in October. We have been chosen by the most amazing expectant mother (“K”) and father (“P”) who’s baby is due at the end of October.Β K is such an intelligent, strong woman and we are so blessed to have her in our lives, for the rest of our lives. P is also great and we are so thankful that he is supportive and on board with everything. We can’t wait to meet our baby too! K actually found us through the internet, not through our agency, and she just happened to live in Alabama! She is now working through our agency. We only had our online profile up for about a week before she contacted me in May, so our wait was extremely short compared to most. That was a huge blessing for us! Almost immediately, Josh and I agreed that we felt a connection to K and to this precious baby. She told us right at the beginning that she didn’t know the gender of the baby yet, so that was a hard decision for us. We had decided at the beginning of the adoption process that we would try to wait for a girl. We had our hearts SO set on a girl, but after meeting K, we started to feel our hearts change. It was harder for Josh, surprisingly. He was adamant about having a daughter but I just wanted a baby. We talked about it and prayed about it a lot. Meanwhile, K and I were emailing back and forth, getting to know each other. The more we emailed, the more I liked her and fell in love with her and the baby. The more we prayed about it, the more we felt peace about K, P and the baby, regardless of gender.Β Finally, Josh and I agreed that we loved this baby already and would be open to whoever God wanted to give us. From the very beginning when I have asked God to tell me what to do and how to proceed (Should we do IVF? Should we try naturally? Should we adopt? Should we stop with two?) I have heard Him say, “Let me redeem it.” Well, if He wants to redeem it with this sweet little baby, boy or girl, we want Him to do it His way. So, we are on board, regardless of gender, and we are SO excited and in love with this baby already. After we decided this, K had to go to the emergency room for dehydration and while she was there they did an ultrasound to check on the baby. They said that the baby looked HEALTHY (woohoo!) and they made a guess at the gender. The ER doctor thought the baby looked like a GIRL πŸ™‚ but we still aren’t 100% sure. K will hopefully have confirmation on the gender in the next few weeks, and we will update you when she does!

Thank you all for your prayers and support on our journey so far. We honestly don’t think we would be where we are today without all of you. Would you continue to pray for K, P and this sweet new baby? Please pray that the rest of the pregnancy and the delivery would go smoothly, and that K would have peace and strength to get through this. Pray that P would have peace and strength as well, to be a loving and supportive father and husband. Please pray that God would provide in an amazing way for K, P and their family. Pray that God would show us how to support K and P well and that our hearts would be protected from more heartache. Pray for our sweet new baby- that (s)he is safe and healthy and will always feel loved and confident in who he/she is. I think it’s so amazing that this baby gets to start life off with not two, but FOUR parents who love him/her so much already. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. We will keep you updated!


27 thoughts on “We are EXPECTING!

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. This is FANTASTIC news indeed!!!! I’m sooooooooooo excited for you guys!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! This makes me teary eyed! I’m so happy and excited for y’all. You deserve only wonderful and beautiful things. Thanks for sharing your journey ❀

  3. I know that I commented on Facebook, but I wanted to comment here too. This is wonderful news!! I am so super excited for you and your family! You have been through so much, and you have been so amazingly stong. God is bringing beauty from all of those ashes of pain, hurt, loss, and sadness. There is redemption!! So happy for you, so very happy!!

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