An Incredible Privilege

This week my baby boy will start kindergarten. How is that possible? I feel like I was just begging God for that positive pregnancy test in 2008, begging Him to give me a blonde baby boy named Liam. I feel like it was just yesterday that Liam was taking his first steps, that he was learning how to go potty and how to read all at the same time. It went too fast. I am tempted to get weepy and to cling to his babyhood that is so quickly fleeting, that is gone already. I am tempted to feel sad that he is growing up so fast and that he will be away from me Monday through Friday from 7:30-3:00 in the care of a stranger. But my Lucy Dair has taught be otherwise. I will never be able to experience kindergarten with Lucy, to watch her outgrow her babyhood and blossom with self confidence and make new friends. I will never get to see her beautiful name on a pink backpack or buy a My Little Pony thermos for her lunchbox. I will never get to teach her how to read or introduce her to fun books like Anne of Green Gables or Harry Potter.

What an incredible privilege that I get to do all of this with Liam. This week I will not reminisce in weepy sadness about his baby days gone by. I will savor this amazing moment in time, right now, the week Liam starts kindergarten. I will recognize what a blessing it is that I get to experience all of this with Liam: the new friends and new teacher, the fun books I get to introduce him to, the field trips, the class parties and the holidays. Even buying all of his school supplies felt like an undeserved privilege.


Excited about his new Ninja Turtles thermos (ignore the lego explosion in the background)


REALLY excited about his new Ninja Turtles thermos


On our way to his kindergarten open house


On our way to his open house

Once again, I am thankful for the things Lucy has taught me. I am able to appreciate these moments in life more deeply and to savor the sweetness of NOW. I am a better Mommy because of her. If you are sending your baby off to kindergarten this fall, you have been given an incredible privilege that many parents never get. Don’t let nostalgia get in the way of experiencing this fun milestone in your child’s life. Savor it, enjoy it, and thank God for it. You are so blessed.

*A quick side note- not only does Liam start kindergarten on Thursday, but we will get to find out the gender of our rainbow baby on that day as well! Stay tuned for the big announcement 🙂


3 thoughts on “An Incredible Privilege

  1. Oh my gosh, I love that kid & his enthusiasm for life!!! Thanks for the reminder to live in the present & to not take normal activities for granted. Love you!

  2. I’m so happy to see you’re rejoicing in his “growing up” instead of being sad about it. What an exciting day for him and for you as parents.
    Can’t wait to find out the gender!! Hope you’ll share with us!

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