Our Rainbow Baby is a…

…healthy, beautiful, chubby cheeked GIRL! Woohoo! Let the crazy baby girl shopping continue! Yesterday K and I went together to get a 3D ultrasound of the baby. We got confirmation that it is indeed, for SURE, a baby girl and we are SO excited! It was really nice to be able to spend some alone time with K and it was fun to have this experience with her. I loved looking at our girl together and hearing her heartbeat (the most beautiful sound in the world.) It makes me happy to think of telling my daughter these sweet memories of her mommy and her first mom doing things together for her and doting on her before she was born. I truly am so thankful for K. Her willingness to include me in everything has been so gracious and generous, and I am forever grateful.

During the ultrasound, baby girl was being stubborn and putting her hand in front of her face, or turning her face away almost the whole time. The ultrasound tech tried lot’s of different things (and made poor K shift around so much) to try to get the baby into a better position, but we never got a clear shot of baby’s face. This is the best we have:


Baby Girl sucking on her bottom lip

Even thought K is barely into the third trimester, the baby already has some substantial chubby cheeks, which I CANNOT WAIT to kiss! She was absolutely perfect. We are overwhelmed with love for this baby. We are smitten already.


12 thoughts on “Our Rainbow Baby is a…

  1. Bethany,
    I have shared your story with others as encouragement to not give up. I am so happy for you! I will continue to pray for your family and you. I will join in with prayers for this truly loved child.

  2. I am beyond happy for you guys!! So thankful that the birth mom is willing to include you in so many things. So thankful that you get to have these pre-birth memories.

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