A Slight Change in Plans

We have a slight (maybe not so slight?) change in our adoption plans. There were A LOT of factors going into this decision, that I won’t share here, but we are going to complete our adoption through a private attorney instead of Bethany Christian Services. After a lot of prayer, discussion and input from both the agency and K and P, we think this is the best decision for everyone (including the baby.) K and P are totally on board and pleased with the decision, as are we. Our attorney is wonderful, and we all feel more comfortable working with him.

When we made the decision to change plans, we weren’t really thinking much about the money, but we soon realized that the adoption would be much cheaper this way (which is kind of the icing on the cake.) God has, once again, provided just enough money for what we need next. I was starting to get really concerned about the financial part of the adoption since we still were missing about $13,000 and the baby’s due date is fast approaching. Well, as always, He knows what He is doing. It looks like, if we go with our lawyer, we will have just enough to complete the adoption, no more, no less. I am so glad now, that we didn’t raise all of the money we needed for the agency fees because if we had, we would now be left with an awkward overflow of money that we would somehow have to return to the donors. But as it turns out, we have the perfect amount! Also, we didn’t really lose any money by leaving the agency when we did, so we feel like it was a good decision. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for K, P and the baby. Only two more months!


1 thought on “A Slight Change in Plans

  1. I read this awhile back on my phone, but didn’t get to comment. I’m so glad about this! I think it’s great. I’m glad you have enough money and all is on track:) Come on, baby girl!

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