A Little Bit of Fun

*Possible Trigger

Whenever there is a new baby coming in my extended family, we make predictions about the baby’s birth date, weight and length. I think I started it with Liam and we’ve done it with all the babies that have come since (and there have been a lot of cousins since!) It is fun to see who gets their predictions right and sometimes it’s funny to look back and compare what we THOUGHT the baby would be like to the ACTUAL birth date and size. Since I was a big baby, we thought Liam would be big too, but he was a “meager” 7 pounds 3 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long 🙂 On the flip side, we assumed Asher would be like his brother and be a normal size but we were way off!



I have put off making predictions about this baby since the whole idea is kind of a trigger for me. We never made predictions about Lucy. Who could have guessed that she would be born in February instead of July? Who would have predicted 1 pound and 9 inches long? And why did any of it matter when she was born with a heart that was no longer beating? What I really would like to know about our sweet S is not her birth date or her size. I want to know if she will be born breathing, if her heart will be beating. I want to know if she is going to be healthy, if she will be ok. I want to know if I will get to be her Mommy. I want to know if our hearts will be facing another tragedy in a couple of weeks.

My small group leader just adopted a baby last year and she advised me to try to enjoy this waiting place that we’re in. She looked back at her own time of waiting right before her son was born and wished she had savored it more. That was just what I needed to hear. This baby deserves to be celebrated like the others and it’s ok to hope. It’s wonderful to hope. So I am stepping out on a limb and we are trying to have fun during the last few days of our wait. We are making predictions about our sweet girl and we would love for you to make predictions too! I wonder if anyone can guess all three right? It will be especially hard since none of you know her exact due date (K’s information, not mine to share yet.) I can say that she is due at the end of October. So, here are our predictions for baby S:

Me:               Oct. 20          7lb 1oz          19 1/2 in

Josh:            Oct. 21          6lb 8oz           18 1/2 in

Liam:            Oct. 18          3 lb                  2 in

Asher:           Nov. 3            10 lb               4 in

Let’s hope Liam and Asher are way off! I won’t share my extended family’s predictions since there are so many of them. What do you think? Any of you want to make a prediction?


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