First MCA Scan

Today we had our first MCA scan to find out whether the baby is anemic (being attacked by my antibodies) or not. The news isn’t good, but it’s not terrible. The scan gives the baby a score to show how high the anemia is. A score of 1, or anything close to a 1 is normal. When it gets to 1.5 the baby is anemic and needs a blood transfusion in the womb. Today the baby’s scores ranged from 1.3 to 1.48 which makes us incredibly nervous. This shows us that the baby is probably anemic, but not so anemic that (s)he needs a blood transfusion yet. This also shows us that the baby is probably kell positive, which means (s)he has Daddy’s blood type and is being attacked by my antibodies. This baby is going to have to fight to live and will probably need a lot of intrauterine blood transfusions and will probably be delivered prematurely. Our goal is to get the baby to viability so that delivery is an option if (s)he gets too anemic. The danger is in the environment, not the baby (the baby is perfectly healthy as far as we know) so we want to get the baby to a point where it’s safe to remove him/her from the dangerous environment (my body.)

So, what is our plan of action now that we know baby could be anemic? I wanted the doctor to double my weekly dose of IVIG, but he was reluctant since it isn’t the normal protocol. I tried my hardest to convince him, but he wouldn’t budge. The only down side of an extra dose of IVIG is the cost, but we don’t mind that if it gives our baby a better chance at life. A double dose can’t hurt the baby, it can only help, so I’m frustrated that they won’t just try. The doctor wants to wait and rescan the baby this Friday to see if the anemia gets worse. If it is any higher than it was today, I will be traveling to Houston to have a different doctor treat me and try to save the baby. If the anemia level is the same or lower, we will just continue weekly IVIG and watch the baby closely. There is still a very small chance that the baby isn’t anemic and it was just a high reading on the scan because it’s still so early.

Please, please pray for our baby. The scan on Friday is so important and will tell us a lot more about how the baby is doing. Pray that the baby’s anemia level goes down and not up. We appreciate all of your prayers for this ultrasound today. Even though it didn’t go as well as we were hoping, we are thankful that the baby looks ok for now and doesn’t need a transfusion yet. Lucy’s anemia level on her first MCA scan at 17 weeks was 2.5 and it was pretty much too late to help her. We are glad that we are catching this baby’s anemia early so we can do more to fight it. Also, I know this is all kind of confusing so if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the comments. Thank you, again, for all of your prayers and support.


28 thoughts on “First MCA Scan

  1. We serve a God who performs miracles… I will pray the levels go down by Friday. God is not limited by your baby’s blood type, yours or anything else. I know you probably know this, BUT this is what I like to say out loud when I pray for miracles. ❤ ❤

    • It can’t hurt me or the baby, in fact the first week I started the IVIG they did a double round of it and it was fine. I think he’s reluctant to do it since it’s not the “normal” protocol and they don’t know if it will work. I just don’t know why they won’t at least try and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. It is very frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if it was the doctor’s child who’s life was at risk if he would try it or not.

  2. I am so sorry the news isn’t fantastic. I am praying that the numbers stay low and that baby isn’t in need of a transfusion. God is able and I am fully believing for Him to be completely present and protecting your sweet little one. XOX

  3. I happened to find your blog in a search for Anti-Kell. I’m feeling with you as I have had two pregnancies affected by this. I have a son and two lovely daughters. The last baby had five blood transfusions (the first was at 22wks6days) and was born at 37wks. We took home a healthy beautiful girl! Now my husband and I are beginning to think of another child but we know we have huge risks! It gives me courage to read your blog but I can keenly feel with you in the unknowns you face. Keep your chin up for your two other children that are with you! Will follow along and pray that you see improvement on Friday.

    • It is a terrifying ride, especially after losing a baby to these antibodies already. I’m glad you have three healthy children and aren’t giving up on the possibility of more children. Thanks for the encouragement

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