Gender Reveal and Baby Name

Yesterday we had a combination birthday party for Liam (turning 6) Asher (turning 4) and my niece, Camille (turning 7.) At the birthday party we revealed the gender of our miracle baby. Josh’s family was visiting from South Carolina, so they got to be there too. It was so fun. Since the birthday party was lego themed I made cake pops in the form of lego heads with the gender color hidden on the inside.


Everybody bit into the cake pops at the same time and…….


We’re having a baby GIRL!


My little brother John is pretty excited about another niece.


Liam said he knew it was a girl all along 🙂 Asher is still holding out for a boy who he says will be named “Naeus.”


It was such a fun weekend, being able to celebrate our boys and our niece and our baby girl. I think everyone felt lighter with the knowledge that baby girl is doing ok for now and is not in distress. We usually don’t announce the baby’s name until birth but we are announcing our daughter’s name now because we would love for people to pray for her by name. We don’t have a middle name yet (we’re trying to decide between three that we love) but her first name is NORA ❤ It means “light” just like her big sister Lucy. Here we are right after the gender reveal. Nora is in there, I promise, she was just hiding I guess.


We are so thrilled to be having another daughter and we are constantly asking God to let us raise this one on earth. Please continue to pray for our little Nora, who has to overcome such great odds just to get here safely. My next MCA scan is on Monday and I will probably be doing the amniocentesis then too. Please pray that Nora is not anemic tomorrow and that the amnio goes smoothly. Thank you for celebrating our Nora with us!


13 thoughts on “Gender Reveal and Baby Name

  1. We will be keep you in our prayers. We are expecting our 2nd July 13th ( a boy) and have found out I have kell antibodies. Husband is kell positive and is Hetero so 50/50 shot for our little one as well. I am a little over 18 weeks and doing MCA one a week currently. Your story is touching and inspiring and I pray for your family and little girl! Congratulations!!!

  2. This is so wonderful! My little anti Kell miracle neice is 4 months old now, and doing great. Miracles happen! I am holding out hope that Nora is yours to raise here and now!

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