16 Week MCA Scan and Amniocentesis

Today I had my 16 week MCA scan. Even though we just had a scan on Friday and everything was ok, I was really scared that her numbers had gone up and she was anemic. Her numbers did go up, but not by a lot. On Friday her level was 1.27 and today it was 1.34. This is still considered to be in the normal range (although on the high end of normal.) If it gets to 1.5 Nora will need a blood transfusion, but for now she’s staying steady around the 1.2-1.4 range. The doctor stressed again how important an amniocentesis was, so we finally gave our consent and they did the amnio right there in the ultrasound room. It went smoothly with no complications so now all we have to do is wait. The results should be back sometime next week and they will tell us if Nora has her Daddy’s blood type (kell positive) or her Mommy’s blood type (kell negative.) Please pray that she is kell negative. If she is we can stop all treatments and monitoring and have a normal pregnancy. If she is kell positive she will have to fight for her life and will definitely need intrauterine blood transfusions and be born prematurely.

My next MCA scan is on Friday. There is a small possibility that the amniocentesis could make my antibodies more aggressive so pray that she is kept safe and has a low MCA scan on Friday. These next 4 or 5 weeks are the most dangerous in the whole pregnancy since Nora could become very anemic and the doctors don’t have much they can do to help a baby this early. The further along I am in the pregnancy, the easier it is to treat the baby. Our goal is to make it to viability which should be around the end of April. Nora has a long way to go, but we are doing all that we can and we have to just trust God hour by hour to take care of her.

Today we are thankful that she isn’t anemic and sick and is active with a good heart beat. She is actually kicking me as I type this (which makes me so happy!) Here are a few ultrasound pictures from the 16 week appointment:


Nora with her hand on her chin


Tiny foot



5 thoughts on “16 Week MCA Scan and Amniocentesis

  1. God is sooo GOOD! This blesses me to see!! I had a dream about you months ago that you were holding your baby girl at church 🙂 GOD is Alpha and Omega! He is a finisher just as much as He is the Beginning. Thank God for Nora! She is in my prayers and so are you. You all are so blessed!!

    • Thank you for sharing your dream…I would LOVE for it to come true. I day dream all the time about holding my sleeping baby on my chest during church (for some reason I missed that SO much with Lucy.) When I was pregnant with Lucy I was prayed over by the elders in our church. One of them said he felt like he was supposed to share Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion… I have often thought about that verse and wondered if he would complete what he started. Things have definitely felt “unfinished” in our family and I hope God completes us with our Nora. Thank you for the encouragement!

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