17 Weeks and Still Doing Great!

Just wanted to quickly update how things went at the 17 week scan. Nora is holding steady with an MCA scan of 1.18 (normal!) and no anemia so far. What an incredible miracle, especially since we know she is kell positive! Our sweet Lucy had her first MCA scan at 17 weeks and it was 2.5, which meant she was severely anemic and starting to show signs of fetal hydrops. Nora is showing no signs of anemia and kicking and moving all the time (Lucy stopped moving when she became anemic.) So far all of Nora’s tests have come back normal, all of her organs look perfect, four beautiful heart chambers and a fully formed spine and no hydrops. Thank you, Jesus, for all of these blessings. I take none of it for granted.

We are getting everything set up in Houston so that the IVIG treatments are ready for me when I get there sometime next week. A family friend has kindly offered to let us stay in her home for as long as we need. Since I will be in Houston for at least 8 weeks I will probably stay there for a few weeks and then try to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house near the hospital for the rest of our stay.

I still haven’t gained any weight, which is concerning since I’m 17 weeks, but the doctors (and I) are so focused on the anti-kell antibodies that we haven’t really talked much about other things that are less important. Please pray that I can gain some weight. I am trying my hardest but every bite of food is still forced and I feel nauseated all the time, even when taking Zofran. Also, please continue to pray that Nora does not become anemic and need a blood transfusion. Thank you all for praying and cheering us on. You are so important to our family and so helpful, I can’t thank you enough.

Here I am, so excited to make it to 17 weeks with a LIVING, KICKING baby inside me! (She’s actually kicking the computer on my lap as I type this.)

 IMG_5570And here’s our little fighter doing some gymnastics:




10 thoughts on “17 Weeks and Still Doing Great!

    • I’ve seen those commercials and I know they look scary but I’m pretty sure it’s just law firms trying to get a bunch of money. There aren’t any studied showing that Zofran causes birth defects. I took it with all of my children and none of them had birth defects. I know that if I didn’t take it my baby would not get sufficient nutrition since I would vomit everything up. I guess you just have to weigh the risks and benefits with things like this.

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