Another Week for Nora!

Today I had my 22 week appointment and Nora got another good report from the doctor! Her MCA scan was about a 1.43 so she’s holding steady and staying just under the 1.5 cutoff. Today the doctor and ultrasound technician had a really easy time getting a good reading on the scan because Nora is getting bigger. The bigger the babies are the easier MCA scans and blood transfusions are. Nora was so cute on the ultrasound and we could see her sucking on her umbilical cord like a pacifier!

I asked the doctor if he would be giving me steroid shots to develop Nora’s lungs soon since she’s almost viable. He said he probably won’t since she’s doing so well and the steroid shots make the MCA scans unreliable for about three days. He doesn’t feel comfortable having three days where he can’t monitor Nora at all so he is going to wait until she gets a high MCA scan (1.6- 1.7) and then he will give me the steroid shots the same time he does her first transfusion. Dr. Moise is extremely pleased with how well the IVIG is working to keep Nora’s anemia in check! Thank you all for praying for her so regularly, it is making a huge difference. Just two more weeks to viability!

Dr. Moise told me to come back in a week and he gave me permission to go home for a visit between appointments! When I packed to come here I really didn’t envision myself giving birth to a live baby so now I get to go back and re-pack things in anticipation of Nora’s birth…things like my breast pump, more baby clothes and Nora’s car seat. I can’t believe we might be bringing home our LIVING, BREATHING baby girl. We’re also going to set up her nursery while I’m home which sounds so fun. I can’t wait to see my friends and family and sleep in my own bed for a few nights.

Here are a few pictures from this past week:


Day trip to Galveston!


Asher and Grandmama on the ferry trying to spot some dolphins


Nora’s first trip to the beach


22 Weeks!


Asher asks every day when Nora will be here and he sleeps with her blanket every night. He can’t wait to FINALLY be a big brother (on earth)



7 thoughts on “Another Week for Nora!

  1. Hooray all around! Im so glad she continues to do so well and that you get to go home! A needed break. You look so cute! Your belly looks so round already. I dont see how it could possibly fit 18 weeks more! Good thing Nora will likely come a bit early 😉

  2. Oh that is so incredible!!! 🙂 I am thrilled for all of you. Praying every day for Nora, you and your precious family. Blessings!!!! ❤

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