First Transfusion Was a Success!

Nora made it through her first intrauterine blood transfusion safely and is doing great as far as we can tell. Her heart rate never dropped during the procedure so thankfully they didn’t have to deliver! They were able to hit her umbilical vein with the needle on the first try (still amazes me) and her hematocrit was 26.8, which is just what Dr. Moise expected. After the procedure they tested her blood again and her hematocrit was 38, which is a great ending number. The doctors then put lots of blood into Nora’s abdomen. Dr. Moise said it went so well that instead of 7-10 days, we can probably wait two weeks until the next blood transfusion. After the transfusion was finished I waited in recovery and started having contractions more and more frequently. I also had to wait for Nora to start moving again after being paralyzed and sedated. That was a very stressful few hours (I also was in pain from the procedure.) Thankfully the doctors were eventually able to stop the contractions with medication. Nora also finally started moving again so that was very reassuring. Here’s the tiny holes where the needles went in (sorry I still haven’t cleaned off the surgery prep stains)

imageWe’re still not completely out of the woods since the first 24 hours after the IUT are the most dangerous. Please pray that Nora is kept safe all night in my womb and that no complications arise. Although she is moving, she’s not quite as active as usual so hopefully her kicks and squirms will increase soon. They will check her again tomorrow morning at 9:00 and if she’s still ok, then she has truly come through the procedure safely.

The cardiovascular surgeon came in after the IUT and removed the permacath (port) in my neck. I was surprised how they did it. Basically they snipped the remaining stitches away then grabbed the port and JERKED it right out of my neck. The tubing had gone up my jugular and then all the way down to the opening of my heart so I couldn’t believe how roughly and quickly they yanked it out in one swift motion. The doctor then applied pressure to the hole left in my jugular for about ten minutes. No stitches or glue or anything! They said the body is very good at repairing itself and the blood coagulates well enough to seal the opening. They put a little bandage over it and said I could actually take a SHOWER tonight! I am so excited!


No more port! (Sorry again for the dirty looking prep solution)

I was so impressed today by many people, I just have to brag. My little Asher was woken up at 5 am in the dark and dragged to the hospital with us. Then he had to contain himself and be patient for hours while I had the procedure. He fell asleep in his wagon and was such a cheerful boy when he woke up. I love him so much. He told Grandmama and me over and over again today how much he loves us and he even told me on the way home from the hospital, “Mama, you were such a good patient today! You did a great job.” Seriously, how did I get so blessed?

imageI am also so thankful for my mom who is here with me away from her job and other family members and friends. She is such a sweet servant, always helping Asher and me (and Nora of course.) I couldn’t do this without her. I was astounded by all the support we were shown today by all of you as well. Thank you again for praying for us, especially for Nora who has such a battle to get through just to live. We love you all and appreciate you so much. 💚

Of course I have to end this post by bragging on my God, my sustainer. He truly is a “very present help in trouble.” I am learning how to just turn Nora over to Him in these situations and trust Him completely. This morning right before they took me to the operating room I read these verses and they brought me great peace and even joy:

Psalm 59:16,17  But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress. O my strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

I smile every time I read these words just like I did today during a VERY anxious moment in the hospital. Is there anything better in life? A God who shows me steadfast love regardless of how my circumstances turn out, a fortress and a refuge during my time of distress. STRENGTH when I am at my weakest. What more reassurance do I need in life? Thank you, Lord, for who you are and thank you performing a miracle today.


8 thoughts on “First Transfusion Was a Success!

  1. It seems like we just have to thank God for the medical technology of our day! What a wonderful way that he can work!

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