Post IUT Update

Just wanted to write a quick update after Nora’s appointment today. Dr. Moise did an ultrasound this morning to make sure Nora made it through the night ok and tolerated all of the extra blood she had been given. I was a little worried because even though I could feel her moving she seemed quite lethargic compared to her normal activity. During the ultrasound she started moving like crazy and has been very active all day since then. I think it just took a while for all of her medications to wear off, plus she was probably tired after such a long day yesterday. Apparently she’s very excited about not being anemic 😊 Anyway, Dr. Moise said she looked great on the ultrasound and the transfusion was a complete success! She won’t need another transfusion for two weeks, which means she’ll be at 26 weeks gestation for the next procedure. If something goes wrong and she has to be delivered during the surgery, her survival rate will be much higher at 26 weeks compared to 24 weeks.

Thank you all for praying for our Nora. She is a fighter! Here’s her cute profile from today’s ultrasound.



12 thoughts on “Post IUT Update

  1. I’m so amazed by what they can do to a baby still developing in the womb. So happy to hear she’s moving around and came through the paralization. I can only imagine how that time was for you. Praise the Lord He has promised to be with us always.

  2. I made a comment to you before about how my faith was rocked and trashed by my experience with losing my premature son, but you will be an important reason in me returning to my faith. What you have been through and continue to go through is just utterly amazing. There are no other words. After all you and your family have been through, you are still here fighting. This gives me hope for the future, that I too may have a successful pregnancy next time, even through my challenges. Bless you and stay strong!

    • Thank you and I am so sorry about your son. I don’t know how anyone can lose a baby and not have their faith rocked or at least challenged. It is the most painful loss. Thankfully God truly is who He says He is and we can trust Him to be faithful, even when it FEELS like things are falling apart. I often think about how people felt when Jesus was crucified (including Jesus.) I’m sure it looked like and felt like everything was falling apart. Wasn’t He supposed to save the world? And there He was being tortured and killed in front of everyone. That must have been the most hopeless moment ever, but now we know it was the most triumphant moment ever. Because of that moment I get to see my Lucy again and spend eternity with her. God will always win. Love will always win

  3. So thrilling to read each update, laced with God’s goodness and mercies. Praise the LORD for Nora and her progress. You are a blessing, sister. 🙂

  4. Praise God! I’m so thankful to continue reading GOOD updates on you and Nora. Still praying for you all. You remain a tremendous encouragement to me; thank you for praising God as He works in your family’s life, and for your faithfulness in choosing to trust Him. What a blessing to see your authentic faith being worked out in your trials. God bless you and keep you (and your precious family) in His peace.

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