Ready for Transfusion #3

Today I had my 29 week check-up and pre-op appointment. It has been three whole weeks since Nora had an ultrasound, which is the longest she’s gone without being monitored since she was conceived. Thankfully she looked great and was extremely active. Nora now weighs three pounds four ounces, which is still very big for her gestation. I just got my 29 week update on my phone from Babycenter and it said, “Your baby should now weigh about two and a half pounds.” Josh laughed when I read that to him since Nora weighed two and a half pounds at 26 weeks. He affectionately calls her his “little lard.” On the ultrasound we could see that all of the extra blood Dr. Moise had put in her belly three weeks ago has been absorbed which is a good indication that it is time for another blood transfusion. There were no signs of hydrops or distress.

Nora’s third intrauterine blood transfusion will be tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7:30. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that Nora’s heart rate doesn’t plummet during the transfusion. I really hope she does not have to be delivered this early. I’m also a bit worried that I will have contractions while the needle is in (since I’m still having pretty regular contractions every day.) Please also pray for Josh who has to be at the hospital with me at 5:30am with BOTH boys in tow (there is no one else to watch them.) He has to take care of me and Liam and Asher all day tomorrow so pray that he has the energy and patience to get through the day.

As I mentioned before, I failed my one hour glucose test last week and had to do the three hour test on Friday to see if I have gestational diabetes. I found out today that I BARELY failed the three hour test. My OB wasn’t exactly sure what to do with me since my results were right on the threshold of being normal/abnormal. He decided to play it safe and treat me as if I have mild gestational diabetes. I will have to prick my finger and test my blood sugar levels four times a day and change my diet some. I will be meeting with a dietician next week to go over some meal plans and eating changes. Thankfully I won’t have to take any medication and should be able to control my sugar levels with diet alone. I was disappointed when I found out about the gestational diabetes, but compared to all of the other things I have been through with this pregnancy, this is not a very big deal. I’m trying to focus on how thankful I am just to be pregnant with my rainbow baby and not get bogged down by these discouraging test results. We are so incredibly blessed to be at 29 weeks and over three pounds! We are constantly in awe of our baby girl who is so strong and resilient and of our God who has “wondrously shown His steadfast love to me when I was in a besieged city.” (Psalm 31:21)

Here’s the 29 week bump with a flower that Asher picked for “baby Nowa.”


Also, Nora’s brothers love giving her kisses and can’t wait to hold her.


I will try to update the blog tomorrow night after I get back from the hospital. Thank you all for your prayers, kind words and constant support. We couldn’t do this without you!


5 thoughts on “Ready for Transfusion #3

  1. I’m so glad Nora continues to be her awesome, victorious little self. Thank you, Lord! I will pray extra for tomorrow. For some reason, the picture of the boys kissing Nora made me cry. So beautiful. As for the GD, that is so frustrating that you just barely passed the number and have to deal with that too:( but, as you well know, I am very familiar with all of that! I can certainly be your ear and cheerleader on that challenge. It’s not so bad really. The finger prick gets to be nothing and yours is so mild, it will be almost nothing to manage. I love you and will be with you in my thoughts!

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