She’s Arriving Early!

So, despite our long scheduled plan to induce tomorrow, it looks like our little Nora will be arriving earlier than we thought! I came in to have some blood work done so that the blood bank could prepare the blood for Nora (in case she needs a transfusion) ahead of time. While I was here they hooked me up to the monitor and noticed that Nora had a couple of heart decelerations when I was contracting. The doctors decided to admit me and monitor Nora just to be cautious. They didn’t want to risk sending me home if she was possibly in distress.

The blood bank called after a couple of hours and said the blood was prepared and ready for Nora so the doctor decided to go ahead and start my induction around 4:00. I was already dilated 4 centimeters before they started the pitocin so that is a great start! Right now I’ve been in labor for about two or three hours and just got the epidural. It’s SO wonderful šŸ˜Š Such sweet relief and I can relax and enjoy my alone time with Josh and of course, update my blog right in the middle of labor. Josh and I are marveling at the fact that our daughter has a heartbeat and that we get to meet her in the next few hours. We are also in tears feeling all the emotions that we felt the last time we did this with Lucy. That day was so horrible, so cold and rainy and dark. Today as the sun is setting it is slanted directly through the window onto my hospital bed. We are so happy to be here. I can’t believe we made it from that day to this day. Thank you, Lord, for sustaining us. 

Please continue to pray for our Nora and for a safe delivery. Pray that she doesn’t get stressed out by the contractions and that we can avoid a c-section. Also pray that she isn’t severely anemic and that the NICU team can keep her jaundice under control. We will try to update everybody after she arrives!


17 thoughts on “She’s Arriving Early!

  1. So happy to hear your about to meet sweet Nora! I’ve followed your journey from early on and have to say I love reading your blog every week. I can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet girl and know you are holding a healthy baby girl in your arms.

  2. Prayers for you and baby Nora! Hoping for a smooth delivery and recovery for you and speedy NICU stay for Nora. Joel and I are thrilled for your family! Such a miracle! Can’t wait to see pictures!


  3. Happy to find a little more of the middle of the story and even more pleased with the end of the story! Im glas you were made comfortable and were able to enjoy some of the labor. So glad that sweet girl is here!

  4. I’ve been checking the blog religiously and was so excited to hear that you’re in labor now!!! I am over the moon right now and praising the Lord! So so happy for you and the rest of the family!! Cannot wait to check back and see pictures of a chubby pink bundle of joy!

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