Goodbye Antibodies

This week has been another big milestone in this long journey of ours, and it has been a good one. Nora’s weekly blood work finally started looking better this week. Her hematocrit and hemoglobin still went down, but just barely. I think last week they were 33 and 12 and this week they were 31 and 11. She still isn’t close to transfusion level. We were so excited to see that her retic shot up this week, which shows us that her body is finally making red blood cells like it should be. When she had her first couple IUTs in the second trimester, her body stopped making blood. Finally, six months later, she is now making blood on her own!! The most wonderful news though, was when her hematologist told us that when he ran a titer test to see how strong the antibodies were in her system it came back NEGATIVE! For the first time ever, Nora no longer has my anti-kell antibodies in her body trying to destroy her blood. What a relief. I almost cried when they told me because I felt like she had finally beat the antibodies and was FREE. It still feels so unreal and amazing. Thank you, Lord, for answering our many prayers and for saving Nora’s life.

Nora now gets to go two whole weeks before her next blood check. I am so happy that I don’t have to drive the hour to Birmingham next week and watch them stick her with a needle. The doctor said as long as the next two blood results look good, she doesn’t have to have any more transfusions. EVER.

Thank you all for praying for us and sticking with us over the past year. I can’t believe we are almost done forever with the anemia and the appointments and especially the fear of losing our daughter.


On the long, weekly drive to the hospital. She’s becoming a very good little traveler.


                                              Celebrating NO MORE ANTIBODIES!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Antibodies

  1. Wonderful news! She is growing so fast!
    How are you doing with loss, hope, baby, etc?
    I found that I grieved so hard for my Emma once the fear of losing another baby subsided.

  2. Hi 😊 I hope you, Nora and family are well!? Just wondering how can I find you on Facebook? I have been following your blog for a while but never found you on fb yet. xx

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