Numbers Went Up Without a Transfusion!

Quick update on Nora’s HDN (hemolytic disease of the newborn.)

During Nora’s last appointment with the hematologist we found out she was allowed to go two whole weeks between blood checks, which was wonderful but kind of scary for me. Yesterday they finally checked her blood again to see how her body has been doing trying to make it’s own red blood cells and fighting the anemia. Well, for the first time EVER in her life she was able to get her hematocrit and hemoglobin levels up without a transfusion. That is great news! Two weeks ago her h&h were 31.7 and 11.1 and yesterday they were 33.6 and 11.6. It’s not a huge jump but it’s going up instead of down, FINALLY. They will check her again in two weeks and if it’s still rising, then she is completely over the antibodies and HDN and doesn’t need anymore blood work or transfusions. This is what we’ve been praying and waiting for for so long. I was hoping she would be cleared by Christmas but now it looks like she might be over it by Halloween! Thank you all again for praying for her. She is such a fun, sweet baby and we love having her in our family.



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