Two Down, Two To Go

Our baby boy just had his second IUT this week in Atlanta and we are so thankful that everything went smoothly. With this IUT Dr Trevett made sure to give me an IV sedative and pain killer before the IUT, which really helped calm my nerves and dull the pain of the needles during the procedure. I was still clear headed enough to understand what was going on though, so I liked that. Once again, baby boy was in a bad position for the IUT so Dr Trevett had to stick him in the thigh to paralyze and sedate him before doing the transfusion. His beginning hematocrit was about 26 and ending hematocrit was 43. This time baby didn’t have any weird heart arrhythmias and he seemed calmer during the IUT. After putting the blood into baby’s umbilical vein Dr Trevett went in a second time to do an IPT (put reserve blood into baby’s belly.) Unfortunately, the baby was lying on his side and there was only a tiny space where Dr Trevett could insert the needle without puncturing his liver or kidney, so he decided not to even try it. It wasn’t worth the risk (and I’m glad he didn’t try it.) Since the baby doesn’t have any reserve blood in his belly to absorb over the next couple of weeks, we will have to do the next IUT in two weeks instead of three weeks like we had hoped. So, our next transfusion will be on Monday, August 28th when I’m a little over 32 weeks pregnant. Hopefully the IPT will work next time so that we can go three weeks and then have the last IUT at 35 weeks and deliver at 37-38 weeks. That would be a dream come true! 

The same day I had the IUT I also had my port removed (which made for a really long day!) and I now have no port/permacath for the first time in five months. I feel so free! It’s also wonderful not to have the weekly eight hour IVIG infusions. 

Thank you all for praying for us and following our story. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like because our computer recently died (it was the first time we bought a computer that wasn’t a MAC and we have learned our lesson.) We can’t afford a new computer at the moment so I’m writing this post on my phone. I will try my best to update everyone as we get closer and closer to meeting our son. 


4 thoughts on “Two Down, Two To Go

  1. Yay, you are getting so close! I’m glad you get to be port free and that he made it through without issue. I hope you get to have the least treatments possible before he comes out! You are both doing awesome. I hope all the driving and being away isn’t wearing on you too much. Praying for you and excited to see this beautiful boy who will have the perfect name 😊

  2. I am praying for you that you’ll be safe on the road with this awful traffic. My ladies group at church have been praying for you and another Kells baby that is also traveling to Atlanta to see Dr. Travett. I’m thankful for your encouraging messages in your blog. It has helped us understand more as we look forward to our other little one

    • Thank you so much! I left for Atlanta at 4am yesterday and got home after dark. Lots of tired driving, so I really appreciate your prayers! And Dr Trevett is amazing, so I know your other little baby you are praying for is in good hands 😊

      • Our little girl got a great report on Wednesday. Still no sign of anemia. 25 weeks and a few days. Still praying for these 2 precious ones

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