ISO Moms From Europe

I need your help! If you are from the UK, Germany, France, Italy or Spain and have had a pregnancy with HDFN (hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn/isoimmunization) which included an intrauterine blood transfusion, you are needed for a research study. Your story could possibly help protect babies in the future and prevent other parents from going through what you went through (and you can make a little extra money while doing it.) A research study is being done on a new treatment for HDFN and they need women from Europe who are willing to do an hour long interview about their experience with antibodies during pregnancy. They will pay you $100 for your time. Here is a little more information about it from Ms. Benson-

We invite you to take part in a confidential 60 minute phone interview to discuss your experience with HDFN (Hemolytic Disease of the fetus and Newborn). We offer $100.00 for your time on the phone. We are working on behalf of a pharmaceutical manufacturer who is exploring the development of new treatment options to treat women affected by HDFN. The company is interested in understanding the experiences of mother’s affected by HDFN in order to help them better understand patient needs so they can work to develop the best treatment possible for this disease of high unmet need.

The central objective for these qualitative interviews is to explore the patient journey for patients with a history of HDFN including:

· How you received your diagnosis

· What types of treatments you received

· What types of treatments your baby received

· How HFDN has impacted your life

· Your thoughts on a new product in development to treat HDFN

bioStrategies Group is a consulting firm specializing in helping clients develop and commercialize innovative technologies to better serve patients, physicians and the healthcare system. Our clients include major pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies 

I did the interview already and it went great. The treatment sounds amazing. If you would like to participate please email me, Bethany Weathersby at or Julie Benson at


2 thoughts on “ISO Moms From Europe

  1. Congrats on baby Callum. He is beautiful. I have read your journey and it has been very helpful for me. I live in Austin Tx and had my first IUT w Dr. Moise in Houston on 11/22 at 25 wks. It was last minute as I’m monitored here in Austin w my MFM. The team used for IUT was not complete due to the holiday but it was great to meet the expert in the field. I’ve been trying to connect w other moms dealing w Anti-Kell but don’t know the exact name of the Facebook group. Can you help? Thank you so much!!
    Amy Wisnoskie Garrett

    • Hi Amy, I’m so glad you had Dr Moise do your IUT! He is the best. The Facebook group is called ISO Moms but it is a secret group which means it’s not visible or searchable to non members (a lot of moms don’t want people to know they are pregnant or have the condition so that’s why we keep the group secret.) Just send me a friend request and I will add you!

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