Silently Suffering After Pregnancy Loss

I’m so proud of my friend, Cassandra Blomberg, for being brave enough to share her personal story of loss and to help break the silence surrounding miscarriage and stillbirth. Similar to the way I lost Lucy, Cassandra lost her daughter, Violet, to anti-c antibodies in her first sensitized pregnancy. She and I had miscarriages around the same time after we lost our daughters. We also both had our rainbow babies around the same time and they survived because of the same treatments (plasmapheresis and IVIG.) Cassandra was the only person I knew of who ever tried to have a second baby using plasmapheresis and IVIG. Her healthy baby Beckett inspired us and gave us the courage to try for our baby Callum (thank you Beckett!)  Our society desperately needs to change how we view and talk about miscarriage and stillbirth. Here is Cassandra’s Tedx Talk “Silently Suffering After Pregnancy Loss”:



2 thoughts on “Silently Suffering After Pregnancy Loss

  1. Hello, friend. I am so moved by your bravery in sharing your story of Lucy, and all that you’ve gone through in creating your family. I’m reaching out to you because I am interested in locating the research that Cassandra Blomberg quotes in her TEDx talk, specifically the info on post-miscarriage depression and its effect upon future childrearing. I am an interfaith minister and chaplain, and a colleague and I are going to be leading a 1-Day workshop this fall on healing from pregnancy loss. I’m just trying to gather as much information as I can to inform our work. I’m grateful for any advice you can offer, and thank you in advance.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m so glad that you are leading a workshop on this topic. We need more people to speak openly about pregnancy/baby loss and the effects afterwards. I don’t know exactly what research Cassandra quoted in her talk.

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