Baby Countdown

Our seventh and last IUT is done and now we have less than a week until we meet our son! The IUT was performed at 35 weeks and 4 days and it went well. Thankfully the baby was in a great position for the procedure. His beginning hematocrit was 32 and ending hematocrit was 44. I feel so incredibly relieved that I never have to go through another IUT again in my life. Here are a few pictures from IUT #7:

I am now taking Phenobarbital three times per day for ten days to develop the baby’s liver. This helps him handle the high bilirubin after he is born, and will lower his chances of needing an exchange transfusion. We are also hoping that it will shorten his NICU time. Once I am finished with the ten day course of Phenobarbital I have a repeat c-section scheduled for Monday, August 24th. I keep hoping that there is some way for me to have a VBAC but my doctors do not feel safe inducing and attempting a VBAC since there is a higher chance of uterine rupture. The baby has to be born between 37-38 weeks so they have no choice but to induce or do a c-section. I want to do whatever is safest for the baby so we are going ahead with the c-section unless I miraculously go into labor on my own before then. This is my 6th pregnancy and despite daily contractions and dilating to 1-2 cm weeks before the due date with all of my pregnancies besides Lucy’s, I have never gone into labor on my own. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

We are counting down the days until we meet our boy next week! Please pray that everything goes well, that the baby and I are safe and healthy and that we are ready for the baby by Monday. We just recently started preparing our home for the baby’s arrival since we didn’t know if he would survive or not, so now there’s a mad rush to get everything ready for him. Thank you to everyone who has followed along with our journey and encouraged us over the years. I will update after the baby is born!


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