Anti-Kell Antibodies: Resources and Links

I know how hard it is to find information on this topic when you are searching for it on the internet. Here are some helpful resources and links to help you learn more about Anti-Kell Antibodies (and other antibodies) during pregnancy and HDFN:

  • This is a brochure recently completed by the staff at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital based on questions from patients. This is where Dr. Moise works and it is where Nora was treated and born (healthy!) v10-10764-1-childrens-hemolytic-disease-6-panel-brochure-4409422-7-pages-1
  • A woman in the Iso Moms facebook group has been working very hard to collect tons of information on antibodies during pregnancy and has finally got her website up and running. Here is where you can find some very helpful information, links to important studies and even printables:
  • This is the one and only study I know of that shows that plasmapheresis and IVIG are successful treatments for women with very aggressive antibodies: PlasmapheresNAIT
  • This is my favorite MCA-PSV calculator you can use when you have an MCA scan. The MFM will determine the PSV number during the scan and you can plug it into the calculator to find out what baby’s MoM is:
  • This is another MCA-PSV calculator that is often used, but it doesn’t calculate MoMs earlier than 18 weeks so I usually don’t use it much (but it is still a good resource)
  • This blog post has all the instructions and forms you need to find out whether your baby is kell positive or kell negative: Anti-Kell Antibodies: Is My Baby Kell Positive or Kell Negative? 

I will add more links later when I have time. At the moment Nora is babbling in her crib and ready to get up from her nap so this is all I have time for today!