33/34 Week Update and a Delayed Transfusion

Today I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Last week Nora looked happy and healthy on her weekly biophysical profile ultrasound and non-stress test. The technician didn’t  measure Nora but the doctor measured my belly and it was the size of a 36 week belly instead of 33 weeks. Here are a few pictures of me at 33 weeks. My sister could NOT stop laughing when she was trying to take these pictures because she said it looked like I was wearing a prosthetic belly. There was a group of other moms nearby watching and laughing with (at?) us too. I love having a gigantic baby belly, especially since I know I only have to go to 38 weeks and not 41 weeks like I did with Liam and Asher.



And how I really feel most of the time:


Originally we thought Nora’s fifth and last blood transfusion would be today but Dr. Moise pushed it back an extra week. He’s traveling internationally this week and he really likes to do the last IUT at 35 weeks, so my next transfusion will be a week from today. I am kind of nervous about going four weeks between transfusions but once again I just have to trust that Dr. Moise would not do anything if he thought it would put Nora in danger.

Today I had my 34 week check up and Nora passed her biophysical profile and non-stress test with no problems.


Thankfully her growth has slowed down some and she’s now in the 88th percentile at 6lbs 2oz. I actually lost a little weight this week which worried me some but didn’t concern the doctors. There was no extra fluid present in Nora’s body (which is good) but my amniotic fluid was measuring at 24 which is on the high side. Again, the doctor wasn’t worried about it and said Nora looked very active and healthy. Here I am at 34 weeks:


Since Nora’s transfusion was moved back we have been able to stay in Alabama for an extra week. I’ve been able to do some fun “normal” summer activities with the boys like swimming and playing in the sprinkler and drinking root beer floats on the porch. It’s so nice just to be at HOME, all together. We’ve been able to see our extended family this past week which has been so wonderful. My sister in law repainted her childhood rocking chair for Nora and it is so cute!


Thanks to my mother in law, we were able to get our house decluttered, organized and somewhat ready for a new baby. It has been such a great, productive visit home and now we are just ready to meet our little girl. Please pray that Nora makes it to her next transfusion without getting too anemic. We can’t wait to meet her in just a few short weeks!


4 thoughts on “33/34 Week Update and a Delayed Transfusion

  1. Congratulations 🙂 What wonderful news! Continuing to pray for sweet Nora!!!!! The chair brought tears to my eyes. Soon your sweet baby girl will be here! Praise Jesus!

  2. It’s wonderful reading your news 🙂 I’m absolutely thrilled for you that everything is going so well. I think of you often and can’t wait for you to have your beautiful daughter in your arms.
    Much love,
    Miriam Xx

  3. My name is Becca Ware, and I found your blog last night searching for Anti-K info. I basically started back a year ago and read everything. I can’t imagine all you have been through and the way you have found your strength and hope in The Lord is so life-giving to me. I have been feeling overwhelmed with unexpectedly finding out that I am pregnant and I already knew I was anti-K. I found out at 28 weeks during my last pregnancy. They did weekly MCA scans but we never showed anemia. Anyway, I have been soaking in everything you write about Kell. Thank you for all your details!!! I live in Pittsburgh, PA and go to our Maternal Fetal Medicine. Ok, long enough comment for now, but I am anxiously awaiting your next post. Praying for you right now dear sister in Christ.

    • Hi Becca, congrats on your new baby on the way! I know how terrifying it is to face such a high risk pregnancy. I think that is GREAT that your last baby was unaffected and didn’t need any intervention. Chances are very good that this baby will be fine as well. I will be praying for you and your new baby!

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