Last IUT!

Nora’s last IUT was a success! Thank you all for praying for us. Dr. Moise proved once again that he really is the expert when it comes to these types of pregnancies. He knew Nora could make it four weeks between transfusions and wasn’t concerned that her MCA scan was very high (2) yesterday. I was doubtful and kind of nervous but he was right. Nora’s hematocrit was 35 (not very anemic at all!) today and after the transfusion it was 44. Dr. Moise thinks she can definitely make it to 38 weeks!

Right when I was getting prepped on the operating table Nora started moving like CRAZY. It looked like I had an alien trying to get out of my belly. They had to give her an extra dose of the paralytic medication to get her still enough for the transfusion. After the procedure it took her a much longer time than usual to start moving again. It was quite scary, actually, because I was watching her heart monitor and her heart rate was basically staying the same and not fluctuating at all. A healthy baby should show a heart rate that goes up and down but Nora’s just stayed steady. I didn’t feel her move for a long time.


You can see the top line, which is her heart rate, and how it’s not varying much at all.

Nora FINALLY perked up and started moving again and her heart rate had some healthy fluctuations.


We were (and still are) flooded with relief that Nora made it through her last IUT safely. Not only did she make it through her last one but she made it through all FIVE intrauterine blood transfusions. Thank you, Lord, for keeping her alive. Here’s Nora’s cute profile from her ultrasound right before the IUT:


Look at those gigantic lips!

And here I am after the IUT, flooded with joy and relief:


God has answered so many of our prayers with a “YES!” and He has done a miracle in my body, just like I asked Him to do last October. Thank you, Lord, for these gifts.

Psalm 10:17 Oh Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear.

Psalm 9:1 I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.


3 thoughts on “Last IUT!

  1. This brings happy tears. I am so happy to see you finally getting yes’s. I knew your story was extra special as these miracles from God are showing. I am so happy that you are done doing iut’s! Woo hoo! That must’ve been hard waiting and watching for her heart rate to fluctuate. Staring at those screens make time slow down. But once again, Nora rock’s it! She is the most awesome little girl! And her lips are gorgeous:)

  2. So good to hear her anemia wasn’t that bad anyway, even after the MCA showed a “2”. That must have been so scary to see a heart rate that wasn’t fluctuating normally, but what a relief to see it come back strong! Three more weeks! I am telling my friends about you and asking them to pray. Now it’s down to the home stretch! Thank you Lord!

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