Almost There!

IUT number 6 went great and the baby handled the procedure really well. We were surprised to find out that he wasn’t actually very anemic at all. His beginning hematocrit was 35 and Dr. Trevett brought it up to 45.


Watching baby’s heart strip after the IUT

The baby’s 7th and last IUT will be tomorrow, August 13th, when I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. At 35+1 the baby’s estimated weight was 7lbs 3oz so he is still measuring several weeks ahead. During his last ultrasound a few days ago Dr. Trevett noticed that he was in a bad position for the IUT. His bottom/back was pressed up against the cord insertion again, which would make the IUT much harder. We are hoping the baby moves into a better position by tomorrow so that Dr. Trevett can perform the IUT safely. If anything looks risky or difficult tomorrow, Dr. Trevett probably will not go ahead with the IUT and we will deliver by c-section instead. We are really hoping to have a successful IUT so that baby gets a little more time to grow and develop before birth. I will also be taking phenobarbital the last ten days before delivery in order to develop the baby’s liver and lower his chances of hyperbilirubinemia after birth. I was able to take phenobarbital before Nora was born and she had no bilirubin issues at all. Callum was born by emergency c-section at 34 weeks before I could take the phenobarbital and he struggled with high bilirubin for several days. Please pray that the IUT goes well tomorrow and that the baby is born safely at just the right time, whenever that is. 

A few recent pictures of the baby and the belly:


Thanks so much for all of your prayer and support. We are almost there! 


These guys are so ready to meet their new brother!



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